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this is the purple-flowered nepeta just after the flowers have wilted but needed to focus on the leaves (on the appropriate some lesser knapweed flowers), also see the nepeta photos higher than underneath Mint. this pot has nepeta in the middle but masses of willowherb seedlings, one with a pink flower bud on the ideal. another nepeta sprout. this nepeta self-seeded in a pot. Nigella. distinctive feathery leaves. then people exclusive leaves look. Oenothera (also see night primrose on the Weed webpage)this self-seeded, I assumed it was verbena bonariensis as the leaves appeared like it to me but abruptly this flower appeared, later discovered as oenothera, just from that just one plant I have masses of oenothera crops self-seeding, it can be having over from snapdragons and nigella as the most prolific self-seeder. this photograph was taken conclude of August 2014. this image was taken November 2015, an additional oenothera self-seeding with snapdragons and nigella in the cyclamen coum pots. I discovered just one of my pots fully total of oenothera and wanted to dispose of them nowadays and discovered the roots unbelievably solid and dense. These self-seeding vegetation are turning out to be incredibly invasive. the oenothera proceeds to self-seed (August 2016), tolerable as an unexpected flower. Oleander ( Nerium oleander)close-up of the oleander flowers. view of this massive case in point down by the canal. Orchid Rockrose ( Cistus × purpureus)Pale Flax (Linum bienne)I noticed this along Regents Canal middle of Might 2017. Flax from bird seedrnThis is hunting like flax but I am not guaranteed and if it is flax, not sure which a single especially.

It appears to be self-seeding underneath the chicken feeder from hen seed. These buds are from beginning of November. this is a flower from June, distinctive from the pale flax I observed together the canal earlier this calendar year (2017)Passion Flower. mid-August this self-seeded in between the paving slabs on the patio up coming door, my neighbour on the other side has 1, chopping of which is revealed below. end of August and it now has extra passionflower-like leaves. still rising among the paving slabs. flowers, buds, fruits. Peanut , not truly a weed but it has appeared in my back garden unexpectedly, due to the fact I began putting them out for the squirrels. Pelargonium. confusingly this applied to be called «geranium», now formally «pelargonium»Cape Figwort/Fuschia (Phygelius capensis)Pineapple Lily ( Eucomis )I saw this in Oct, following the bouquets had been earlier their most effective, need to glance at them upcoming spring/summer. Polyanthus. in March in bloom. Potato , not truly a weed but it has appeared in my yard unexpectedly, up coming to the compost pile. potatoes on the compost pile have long gone mad. Potato Vine or Climber / Jasmine Nightshade. wider see of the potato vine. Pyracantha. I have a pyracantha in my again back garden but rarely any berries, I guess for the reason that I hold pruning it (and the bouquets/ flower buds). The thorns are intense. These pyracantha are round the corner from me.

Oct 2018. Ranunculus appear as those people claw-like tubers/corms (will check the correct expression) which you can just see marginally higher than the soil – not that they ought to be obvious but those people have just ended up that way, I planted some final calendar year or the calendar year before but they had been a complete failure and they did not increase – maybe I planted them also deep? I really don’t know.

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